Jun. 1st, 2011

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Well, I made the damn thing, guess it'd be a good show if I stuck to it. God what day am I at-ONE?! Jeezus this is gonna be a long month. (I kid, I kid, I'm actually looking forward to this)

1) Write a scene saying “hello”

Hogtieing and ducktaping his wife without him waking up was difficult, but done right and worth it. I moved her to the guest room and set her on the bed; even put a pillow under her head so at least she’d be a little comfy. I thought about explaining exactly why I was doing all this but I was on a tight schedule as is, and if she doesn’t know what her husband does to pay the bills then I wasn’t going to be the one to explain it. Hell, I have a hard enough time just telling my own girlfriend I have to travel overnight.

But she was there and safe and now I could have my little talk with Diedrick here. Good god this bastard could snore something awful, no wonder he didn’t hear anything. Ah well, lets me take my time.

I reached for the Beretta and supressor I had set on the night stand; didn’t want to give the wife anything to reach for, just in case. I also pulled up a chair while I finished screwing the two pieces together, setting it just beside my newest friend here. This could take a while and I just didn’t feel like standing.

I cocked the pistol and set the barrel on his forehead. The loud click right by his ear had the effect of starting to wake him and the cold metal finished the job. He started awake, almost about to get up, but then realized, oh yeah, there’s a fucking gun aimed at his brain.

“Hello mate. Figure’d it’s time we had us a chat.”

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