Jun. 2nd, 2011

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2) Write a scene with a drunken mythological creature

“I’m not gonna cut him off. You do it.”

“Screw that, he’s on your number, you tell him.”

“Hey!” The feathered snaked rolled his head over on the countertop, raising it and stared at the arguing bartenders. “Wassa problem? Tell me to mah faces… my feec…” He let out a loud belch that shook some feathers from his wings. “Do you who I am?”

“Yeah Mr. Q, we know. You’ve been in every night and let us know, every night,” Mallory sighed, starting to mix together a variety of bottles that all seemed to be red.

“Hey! Hey. Hey, hey, hey. I. Am a feared-ed-ed and worshippedfulling god. Gods? God. I, am a name to be feared! Eared. I am Quetza- Quetzee- how did tha go again? Quez-ah-coral? Quesadilla? Cutesy wootz ah who gives a crap, where the Spanish Hell is my human sacrifice?” His tail flopped on the bar, weakly knocking over a few glasses.

Mallory just sighed and brought over the tenth tall glass of dark crimson liquid of the night. “Here.”

The silted pupil came down to counter level and eyeballed the drink in front of him. “Whas this?”

“Your drink.”

“I wanned a human sacrifice.”

“That’s what that is, a Human Sacrifice. Same as the last nine you’ve had. Same as last night. And the night before that. It’s all you order.”

“No no no no no. I want a human sacrifice. Gimme.”

“You want… a real human sacrifice. Like beheading and all that?”

His neck feathers puffed out and he nodded eagerly.

“… fresh out, sorry.”

“What?! The hell, I am a valued customer, and I demand-” He tried to slam his tail down for emphasis but only ended up dumping himself off the stool. “Why, hello Mista Floor, fancy meeting you down here.”

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It's June already! Where did May go?

Rules; 5 to 10 new titles that don't go to anything are listed. Match whatever genre you feel the title would fit, or even a one sentence synopsis if you'd like. Then go back to your own journal, list your own made up titles, and pass it on (if that's how you roll).
    1. Gutters of the Silver City

    2. Jabber Wock

    3. I'm in Love with Thomas Colt

    4. Twenty-five Towers

    5. Snow of Leaves

    6. I'm Not Crazy (I Just Live Here)

    7. Lesser God of the South Borough

    8. Maxinne Marvelous' Madness (and other More Murderous Mumblings)

    9. The Swamp Witch's Hut

    10. Inside the Golden Egg


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