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I made my own 30 Day writing meme; huzzah! As evident by the title, it's all about flash fiction and the short little snippets of inspiration to get you going (maybe). I tried to keep it as genre neutral as possible to allow for the greatest range of ideas. And hopefully their abstract enough to make for a wide berth of influences, but still direct enough that the prompt isn't confusing in what the basic idea should be. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this.

Basic rules: Try to keep it to 250 words per entry, give or take 50 words. Go wild with genres (ex; prompt 25 is "noir" but it's meant as more a mood/flavor). No poems; rhyming verse/prose is okay. Have fun.

Your month of prompts are:
    1) Write a scene saying “hello”
    2) Write a scene with a drunken mythological creature
    3) Write a query letter for a fantasy (any kind) novel
    4) Prompt: a hostage situation
    5) Write a scene entirely in dialog
    6) Write a scene with people talking, but without any actual dialog
    7) Write something dirty (take that how you will)
    8) Write a scene as a cat
    9) Write a scene working from the title “Roses are Red, Violets are Dead”
    10) Write a scene focused around a musical instrument
    11) Prompt: a dragon and a princess
    12) Write a scene at a sushi bar
    13) Prompt: underwater
    14) Write the final scene of a romance novel “Never Been Caught”
    15) Prompt: shots fired
    16) Write a scene on horseback
    17) Write a scene with a character in a foreign land, unable to speak the local language
    18) Prompt: the name “Thomas Daniel”
    19) Prompt: in the marketplace
    20) Write a scene with the opening line “I hate you; I just want you to know that”
    21) Write a scene with a drink(ing) of some sort
    22) Write a scene with children
    23) Prompt: falling
    24) Write a scene on a movie set
    25) Prompt: noir style
    26) Write a personalized rejection letter for the YA novel “Sparkle Lust”
    27) Prompt: trapped
    28) Prompt: overhearing a conversation
    29) Write a scene about a [person] and their [animal]
    30) Write a scene saying “good bye”
So yeah, hopefully this is fun, and you all enjoy it!

on 2011-06-05 04:00 am (UTC)
aldersprig: a close up of an alder leaf (Leaf)
Posted by [personal profile] aldersprig
Awesome! Playing along.

on 2011-06-13 05:49 pm (UTC)

on 2011-06-16 08:48 pm (UTC)
aldersprig: a close up of an alder leaf (Leaf)
Posted by [personal profile] aldersprig
So, how would you feel if I yoinked this idea and did my own 30 days mem when this one is over?

on 2011-06-17 01:58 am (UTC)
aldersprig: an egyptian sandcat looking out of a terra-cotta pipe (Sandcat)
Posted by [personal profile] aldersprig
Awesome! Will do then!

on 2011-06-17 01:05 pm (UTC)
aldersprig: a close up of an alder leaf (Leaf)
Posted by [personal profile] aldersprig
Will do!


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