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Being as there are 31 days in a month, but only 30 questions to a meme, I'm adding a bonus day. But you get to supply the question.

31. Ask me a question

Simple enough. Comments are screened, so feel free to ask whatever it is you wish to know (that, presumably, I can answer).

Also provided, a complete rundown of answers from the past month o'movies.

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30. Your favorite movie of all time

Last day! Stupid question!

I hate this question. Choosing from a certain catagory is easy, because you're only choosing from a select list. But having to pick the best of the best... well, it's continually subjective.

I'll get back to you on this one. Hopefully at some point I'll have an edit and a real answer, but at the moment I'm drawing a blank on "of all time". But right now, I have a lot of favorite movies, but not one that I'm about to place above all others.
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29. A movie from your childhood

Wow, that's vague. And a pretty wide choice selection.

Willow! I loved Willow, still do. A great fantasy movie, and probably could go head to head with all three of the Rings movies. It helps that it's incredibly quotable ("BEEYAH!"; "So which way is the lake?" "That way!"; "All pigs!")

This was my favorite movie for a long time; I think I even still have it on VHS somewhere (recorded). Part of what makes it so great is that they didn't have the tech advances of today, so they had to be as practical as they could. Photoshopped little people; f-that, we got real little people (and the Brownies don't count)! Warwick Davis, not a bad actor in his own right; sucks he gets "little people" niche roles. Shame this is really his biggest (oye) role, I don't count the Star Wars entry as you don't see his face, and Leprechaun is just ass. And hey, remember when Val Kilmer was considered a badass?

I love the lack of massive digital effects. When you see an army bearing down on you, it's actually there. The magic is pretty low key, and used sparingly (to great effect with Raziel transforming into animals); and quick a few practical effects attached to the magic, like when Raziel goes from rodent to raven. Or the still creepy troll-into-dragon (that's what it's listed as). The whole deal is excellent, and proves again that both Spielburg and Lucas are much better in the producer's seat than in the director's.
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28. Favorite movie from your favorite director

I... don't know if I have a favorite director. I mean, I have ones I really like, and look forward to stuff they put out, but there's not really one whose name I see and it's an instant must-see.

Okay, that's a lie. I'm a big Tim Burton fan. I don't fall for everything he does (Mars Attacks and Planet of the Apes never suckered me in), but attach his name to something stop-motion, and I'll be the first in line.

Along those lines (and used less than I thought I would), my favorite movie is easily The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's a holiday movie that works twice a year, it's amazing animation that doesn't have that melty, Play-doh look, songs that get in your head and set up shop, it's a fun watch every time. When I first saw it, the opening song scared the hell outta me, especially the guy under the stairs with spider and snake appendages. But I still loved it.

I sometimes hear rumors of a sequel, but I don't think (and really, really hope) it doesn't happen. Mostly because Burton has gone on record as saying it will never happen. And it wouldn't be good, mainly because I don't think there's really any other place to go with the story. Have him visit other holidays; well, that'd go against his good-natured character. He already almost screwed up one holiday, why would he do it again? You could maybe introduce offspring, but that's rarely ever a good way to go in sequels, especially animated fare.

No, leave it alone as the masterpiece it is, and come up with something else stop-motioned and original.
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27. A movie that you wish you had seen in theaters

Oh god, I was so pissed I missed The Secret of Kells when it went through. On slightly snobbish note, I was also pissed it seemed to go in and out so quickly in theaters. Anyway, this was one I really wanted to see on the big screen.

I have subsequently seen it, on a friend's Netflix account, at like 1 o'clock in the morning (he's a bit of a night owl) and loved it. Hated that I missed it. The animation is gorgeous, the story excellent (if, you know, just the tiniest bit embellished), and I'm buying it as soon as it's a DVD release. The stylistic choices throughout the film highlight what all it can do; it makes no effort to make anything realistic, and is the better for it. It almost feels like a moving picture book, with individual shots that could've easily come from book. Aisling is my favorite character, the wolf-spirit protector of the forest. Her wolf design is really interesting, and she herself has a very young/old personality dynamic that plays well with Brendan's sheltered and more naive, but still adventureous personality.

It was definitely considered a masterpiece, and was. nominated for an Academy Award (losing to Up).
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26. A movie that you love but everyone else hates

I don't know if everyone hates it, but despite it's rather large backlash, I throughly enjoy Dragonheart.

I'm not really sure why it gets trashed as much as it does. It's not perfect, sure, but it's still a decent summer fun movie. I admit the effects aren't always the best, a little stilted and unexpressive at times, but you can only do so much with Dennis Quaid (zing!). I though Draco was, and still is, pretty good CGI; and he's voiced by Sean fucking Connery, that automatically makes him several degrees cooler than most. As well as a younger (and honestly, fairly fugly looking) David Thewlis (Harry Potter's Lupin, for the uncultured heathens out there) as a badguy so bad he'll even kill his own mother (himself, no less). The only one who seems kinda frivolous on is the love interest, and more of the writing's fault. You could lose her and miss nothing; the same could be said of the battle-savant monk, but at least he plays the role of comic relief (to varying degrees of success).

Although, looking it up, Dragonheart was a book first, and the seemingly tacked on romance was actually at the forefront in the book. So... yeah.

Whatever, I still enjoy it. Good action, Sean Connery as a dragon, a dragon with a decent design, I'm still calling it good.
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First, Merry/Happy Non-demoninational, Faith/Belief of Traditional Ceremony Day!

25. The most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen

I wonder if listing a comedian's DVD movie would count. Probably not, but still, that seems like a loophole.

Hot Fuzz is always a funny watch. For some, the British humor doesn't work, and then it turns into an action movie for the last third, but it all works together. The action part builds from earlier conversations, and is something like a videogame (which the sound effects help convey).

What kinda makes it all a tad funnier is having watched, or know of, Shaun of the Dead before watching this movie. It's by the same actor/director team, and while there are similar touches throughout the knowledge that Simon Pegg plays this smart, on the ball guy whereas in SotD he was a bit of an dolt. Nick Frost doesn't change a whole lot, going from a lazy idiot to a action-obessed idiot. But they play off each other well, and everything is topped off by having Timothy Dalton (007, once upon a time) as your villain.

It rocks, is what I'm saying.
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24. That one awesome movie idea that still hasn’t been done yet

I wanna see a Transmetropolitan adaptation. Considering the material some things would need to be parred back, but that's mainly in regards to some background visuals. The story itself would hold up even in a modern setting. My fear would be that they fuck with the story like they did with Kick Ass, changing the whole tone and point.

I've tried thinking of who might be a good cast choice, but it's really hard to say. I don't wanna just choose some high profile bald guy, but I can't think of anyone who'd be able to play Spider's crazed and verbose persona (*edit* actually, shaved and slim him down, Robert Downey Jr would probably be pretty decent). Channon would (and probably should when you think about it) be played by a tall model; who exactly I couldn't guess, probably some flavor of the week. Yelena would be played by Helena Bonham Carter; please, like that was ever in doubt.


I saw that [personal profile] limiinal too listed this as her choice. I, independantly, also come to this conclusion. What this means is obvious; Hollywood is an idiot.
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23. Favorite animation

Oh god, like I can choose just one. There's just so many...

Okay, gotta choose, gotta choose.


Seriously, I will choose one this time.



Rankin-Bass animation, Watership Down, Macross Plus, Ghibli Films, Nightmare Before Christmas, How to Train Your Dragon, The Secret of NIMH, The Incredibles, The Secret of Kells, a couple of Disney titles, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Vamprie Hunter D: Bloodlust, An American Tail, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (IT COUNTS), Perfect Blue, early DreamWorks 2D animation, Corpse Bride, so many more I haven't listed or didn't remember!



I just, I don't, there's too many. I can't, not just one.

Find something in that mess, it's like throwing a dart into a pile of balloons.
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22. Favorite documentary

Not much of a documentary watcher really. On things like bigger issues, more often than not I find the things just way too preachy. Too many I find are just singing to the choir, people who agree with you are going to love it and those against the issue won't find anything new. And those are the ones that attempt to be neutral, there are hundreds of direct to DVD/internet site documovies of people not even hiding that they're preaching. And they think it's a good thing.

Well, that turned out ranty-er than I thought, so let's actually answer this thing.

Well, it's a fauxcumentary, but I really like Animal Planet's Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real (or The Last Dragon for you English folk, or even Dragon's World for those in other countries). The whole thing's on Youtube, my link is the first part.

I've always loved dragons (Eragon tested that love) and collected and watched as much as I could. When I drew more, they were a big part of what I did draw. So when AP made a docufiction "what if", I was all over it. And it's pretty well put together. It attempts to tackle the issues of what dragons looked like (a little to romantic-classical for my tastes, but still nice), how they lived and functioned, mating, how and why the appear in almost every culture mythology in the world. The whole thing is based on a research team "finding" the frozen remains of a dragon on a high mountain, and what they conclude from the corpse.

It's not perfect; the CGI is Syfy level, some things are still unexplained or explained badly, and like a lot of these "what if" series, the production has a very fatalistic view. Yes, I know that they're trying to say why dragons are no more, but I hate "worse case scenerio" glorification.

Still, the movie was narratored by Patrick Stewart (Ian Holm for the Brit version).
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21 - Favorite action movie

Oooh, tough one. Action is one of my favorite genres, so I have quite a few in my own collection. I'm making a distiction between 'action' and 'martial art' films, because while one is the other, the other isn't always the one. Or something like that. Basically, to me, if a movie has enough martial arts in it, it becomes it's own genre. If I included martial art titles, it'd be Bloodsport.

But for full on adrenaline action excitment, it'd be Terminator 2: Judgement Day all the way. Still, I think, one of, if not the, best action movie ever made. It's pacing, it's characters, of course its action, everything works wonderfully. Even it's special effects, top of the line back in 1992, hold up to today's standards. It was also the first Terminator I ever saw, and thinking about it I still haven't seen the first one. T2 was my introduction to movies of its kind and there's no better way to start.

Why I think it's so awesome? It holds story first, something most action movies place third. There is a reason everything happens, and it's stronger than just some string of coincidences. The DVD I have is great as well, it comes with three modes to watch it in; standard, w/ commentary, and with "pop up" extra features, as well as being the extended directors cut.

I'm one of those people who loves extra information and useless knowledgeable things about films, so I think I'll share a tidbit about each of the main cast (and director).

Edward Furlong/John Conner; this was his first film experience. Ever. Kid was going to Boys & Girls Club in California, and I forget who exactly, but it was either the director or casting director who spotted him and basically picked up off the street to star in the biggest action movie ever made.

Linda Hamilton/Sarah Conner; has an idential twin sister (who's a nurse). She appeared in the actual movie in the final factory confrontation, as the T-1000 copy. In a deleted scene, after breaking Sarah out of the mental ward, they do a cyborg lobotomy on the T-800 to reset his processing unit to allow him to learn (the movie follows the scene up to the point he says he is a learning computer; the deleted part starts when he says Skynet sets Terminators to "read-only" when sent on missions). The camera shot is behind them facing a mirror. Expect there is no mirror, the set is two mirrored rooms with Arnold facing the camera to show his face (the foreground head only a model) and Linda and her sister moving in sync. The move was actually a budget saver, saving the time it would take to set up an actual mirror shot or the needed editing and special effects it would take.

Arnold Schwarzenegger/The Terminator (T-800); in his first scene walking naked into the bar, he wasn't actually naked. To get everyone to stare at him as though he were, Arnold wore bright neon colored Hawaiian shorts, but didn't tell anyone (in the shot) that he was. So their reactions to his walkthrough are genuine.

Robert Patrick/The Terminator (T-1000); is a beast. In the beginning of the chase sequence, when John just gets on his bike and the T-1000 chases him on foot through the parking garage in his now infamous sprinters run, during the intial takes Patrick was so in shape and so fast he actually caught up to the mounted rig Furlong was riding on. They thought they would need to speed things up in post, but Patrick was so fast they could film at speed, and actually had to speed up the rig so (in theory) the T-1000 wouldn't actually catch John.

James Cameron; is a douchebag. At the time, he and Linda Hamilton were married. Because he wanted Sarah Conner to be really cut and military, he actually pushed his wife to take steriods during production, on top of her insane workout schedule, so to better fit his idea of the character. While not stated officially, it was one of the reasons of their divorce.
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20. Favorite movie from your favorite actor/actress

Two thirds through. Home stretch!

Errh. I don't really have too much of a favortie actor(ess). No one that should I see them attached to a picture makes it an instant must see. A movie isn't instantly good or bad based on who's in it.

That said, I think I'm gonna go with Christopher Lloyd and the Back to the Future triology (seriously, how awesome is that "Power of Love" theme?). I've always really enjoyed the trilogy, even the third one that for some reason gets a lot of flack. How everything repeats to a degree, keeping everything interesting and how much fun the actors seem to be having makes it a fun watch every time.

Lloyd sadly doesn't do a lot of work nowadays; not much people remember or know of anyway. Lot of one time TV appearances, and couple of paycheck films. His last big screen offer was a role in Piranha: 3D. But back in the day, he was awesome and a go to for those odd little quirky character roles. Judge Doom, Uncle Fester, Doc Brown, Reverend Jim back in his Taxi days, he was always fun to watch. No matter what he played, maybe just because of who he is, he always had that little bit of wild look to him that drew you in just that little bit more. That same look that could be cold and offputting, warm and caring, or just a look that made you wonder what just happened.

I've always liked the idea of having him play Mr. Freeze in one of the Batman movies (Arnold can suck it). And hey, he's gonna be the Wizard of Oz in next years Witchs of Oz movie.
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19. Favorite movie based on a book/comic/etc.

Oh fuck you Movie Questionare, forcing me to pick just one?! Most of my DVD collection is made of book/comic/whatever based material!

Fine... Iron Man. There, are you happy?

Really, for the past decade, comic movies have had a great influx into theatres. Technology finally caught up to make their extradonary events possible, and Hollywood finally figured out that 1) people wanted to see more than just Batman and Superman, and 2) comics come to them almost already storyboarded for them.

Iron Man had the most fun with the concept and world. It had characters who were fun and funny to listen to (with realistic dialog that talked over each other), great pacing (something Batman Begins and it's speed editing didn't work out until the sequel), and amazing effects and costumes; I still wish I had an Iron Man suit.

The sequel didn't reach the fever pitch the first had, but it wasn't a dissappointment and at the least I know there's one more IM movie in the works.
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18. A movie that you wish more people would’ve seen

This one goes to Accepted. It's a funny movie that illustrates a lot of why I don't like college in the first place. There's a couple of general story issues that that don't quite mesh, and it falls into a predicible closing act, but it's still highly enjoyable. And it has Lewis Black. The worst part about him is that the movie wasn't rated R, so they couldn't just let him loose to say whatever.
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17. A movie that disappointed you the most

Well, I know that I can't count The Last Airbender, I had absolutely no hopes at all for it, so there was nothing to be disappointed in.

Probably at the time it would have to be Dungeons & Dragons. I mean, here's a movie based on a franchise that is almost pure imagination. The world for this is huge, characters that practically roll themselves, epic level adventure, how do you screw this up? You make this movie.

The whole thing just felt so underwhelming. Characters you don't care about are thrust at you with little introduction. The villains are stereotypical and have traits that, instead of making them badass-er, seem tacked on because "this is D&D" and become the butt of every joke (Mr. Blue Lips, I'm looking at you). Special effects that in no way look matted to the scene. Dragons with strange, blunted noses. And I know that for the most part the world of D&D is kinda generic, but that doesn't mean you have to translate that genericness to the screen. Elves, dwarves, thieves, princesses, monsters (all two of them, dragons and one beholder), nothing says "awesome" it just says "meh".

And the characters they come up with aren't exactly worth much either. Black, goofy sidekick character who whines a lot and dies (and is the really the only one to do so). Princess is a bad rip-off of the Child-like Empress from Never Ending Story. A dwarf who isn't; you can't give a burly guy a long beard and an axe and call it good. A token elf who does nothing. An apprentice mage who throws genertic balls of light that do whatever needs to be at that moment, does the melting-ice queen routine, and generally does nothing. And Jimmy from Lois and Clark. Wonderful.

You know it's bad when a freaking Syfy(*sigh*) Channel Movie can do better than you did.
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16. A movie that you used to love but now hate

Because I used to be a really big fan, Power Rangers: The Movie grinds my gears a bit nowadays.

Back when PR was at full force, somebody in Hollywood said, "Okay they've reached critical mass, time to go for the wallets". I was a huge fan of the series, loved the action, loved the monsters, and in the early years liked the story. Not all of it, there's a lot of "messages" and themes tacked on, but for every episode about the big bad space enemy wreaking your flower float model, there was "Green with Evil" which gave us the most awesome and well remembered character in the show's entire history. And it's been going on for some 17 seasons. The Green Ranger came out in it's first.

When the movie came out, I loved it, as any fan should have. It was the original team (sans three of the original cast who left prior to movie contracts), it gave us new Zords (which would later tie in (sorta) to the tv series), and there was plenty of martial art action, which is what kept my attention in the first place.

Now, though, I just see it as a kick in the balls to the show (and later in the movie, literally illustrates the point). Here's a chance to do something big with this well loved show, and the best you can do is a new season tie in? You have a big budget, one that surpasses the tv series' by a far margin, do something with it. Beside go sky diving (I don't know, I couldn't explain that part to you). The fact that they watered down the villains doesn't help either. Or that effects that might've been at least been cheesy on the show, now just looked cheap. And cheap is never good.
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15. A character who you can relate to the most

At the moment, I'd say Dean (Justin Long) from Waiting.... In the movie, he's waiting tables, still going to school, and just doesn't know what he wants to do in life. He's comfortable where he is, and a chance to become even more so, but knows that taking that path isn't what he wants. That and I used to wait tables, so I definitely know what that feeling plus that job is like.

That's how I feel a lot of the time, very unsure as to what it is exactly I want to do with my life. I've felt like I'm just going from one point to another and doing something there, but never working towards anything final; or at least bigger. My writing I'm still unsure about, staring at all the different projects I have and just focus on one for some reason, and it's frustrating because I'd think I'd like to make a living as a writer.

But then there's just a bunch of other stuff at the moment, you know, life, and I'm continually trying to get out of my head so it doesn't overwhelm me.

Okay, enough of that, I've done down that road before and I don't feel like be depressed today.
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14. A movie that no one would expect you to love

I think it'd be a tie between In & Out and Dave. I don't know why, but I figure they'd be it.

I blame Kevin Kline. Dude's funny, I can't help it. He plays his characters well, even if he doesn't have a very far range. But he's obviously enjoying himself no matter what, so I think that's why I like these two so much.

And In & Out has Tom Selleck without his moustache. How often does that happen?
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13. A movie that is a guilty pleasure

Probably The Chipmunk Adventure. I used to own this, and am still pissed when I lost the tape (not that I'd have much use for VHS in this day, but the point stands). Something about it is just so odd, yet right that it's just fun to watch. The music's not bad either, "Boys and Girls of Rock and Roll" being my favorite song from the film.

And maybe it's my childhood talking, but neither of those live action/CGI pieces of crap hold a candle to this movie. Just because you can, really doesn't mean you should have. Who cares if you press out current top 40 songs as Chipmunked, at least the original movie (and even it's sequels) took the time to write original songs. I thought I couldn't hate "Single Ladies" anymore than I did. Then they did it with the Chipettes. I like the Chipettes. Please don't sully their name by associating Beyonce with them, Beyonce may need the help but really, don't drag the Chipettes into it.
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12. A movie that you hate

Ooh, this one's gonna be fun. Okay, I need to think about this, make sure I get a good one.

Well, discounting bad movies, crap movies, films made that just suck, I'm kinda surprised by how little I give a crap about a lot of these films. Maybe it's just going to pick The Last Airbender. Almost chose The Blind Side, whose entire premise and feel-good themes I loathe in movies, but TLA will rile my feathers every time.

I tore into it back when I first saw it, but I go over the finer asswipings this movie did.

Disregarding the race casting issue, the acting is atrocious. If you're going to stick with your controversial casting, make sure they can back up your blostering about how good actors were chosen for the roles. At almost every turn Shayamalan proved this to not be, with fail spoken every time any of the core cast opened their mouths. I know who this character is, I don't need to hear about "the fucking library" every time he appears. Also, just because you show a character's trait from the show once doesn't mean you can't keep it going for the rest of the movie.

The pacing was shit, rushing through 660 minutes, 24 episodes, of story and plot and craming it into 90 minutes. I understand adaptation needs, but this just cut everything that wouldn't absolutely further the story, to the loss of humor, characterization, pathos, entertainment.

Writing... oh sweet jeezus, the writing. This movie proves why Shayamalan is better a) when he only works on his own developments and b) when he has as little to do with writting and directoring as possible. He wrote, directed, and produced the film, and why Nickelodeon let him I'll never know. Why the show's creators weren't the writers I'll never know. So much was spoken as narriation, and it didn't have to be. Hell, when it did it was useless anyway, because it told us things that either we were watching at the same time as the narriation or just told us with for no reason. And humor, one of the things that helped make the show so good, was lost entirely, having one weak showing at the very beginning and then never seen again.

How much they changed did not help the film. Besides everything else, it's stupid to change basic core concepts from a pre-existing franchise. Just because it "makes more sense to you" doesn't mean jack shit, you shouldn't be making this film for "you", it's for everyone else. When you make everyone look like idiots for flapping about for twenty seconds to get only the most basic of special effects, you've done something wrong. When you have six people doing it to only get less than basic, you've failed long before you started.

It's not just because I'm a fan of the show, this movie fails every which way you look. Having only a modeum of saving graces, none of which are good enough to make you say that the film is worth it for them, doesn't equal out the torrent of bile I feel for this. I hate this film for everyone it turned off from seeing the show. I hate that Shayamalan doesn't see or sense that no one liked it. I loathe Shayamalan for saying there are planned sequels, and that he's attached to them in any way.


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