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Sorry bout the lack of updates, I haven't felt very talkative. But being silent isn't doing me any good, so instead lets ramble about old ideas.

Psycho, My Own was a highschool era project that came out of no where. Well, maybe not total no where, I was really big into CrossGen comics at the time and their whole shared world universe. I think I was trying for something like that, but really I have no idea any more. No matter what way, this was going to be a huge undertaking.

Jerome Matthew Excaliber was hailed as the genius of his time. Gifted from childhood, after suffering a concussion and some head trauma at age six from falling into a river, he held multiple degrees in a wide range of fields, was a noted author and lecture speaker, and a husband and father. At some point, whether through slow deterioration or a sudden jerk, he snapped, killing his wife and two daughters, as well as a few others. Why exactly is still being determined. In the mean time, he's been padding out his mental hospital resume, going through ten of them in a little under eight years. He's attempted escape several times, gotten close on a couple of those, and generally seems to define a broken genius.

He copes, or perhaps is kept occupied, by his continued work. Wherever he is, he still keeps notebooks and thick texts of whatever he's tackling at that time. The plus side to this is it keeps him relatively calm and conducted, as well as still making use of his vast knowledge. The down side is no one can really make sense of what it is he's doing, his notes being a hodge-podge of seemingly random formuli, code, and hand copied sections of text.

With great genius also comes great mental illness, and Jerome travels the gaunlet of pyschosi. Severe paranoia, schizopherenia, debilitating obessive complusiveness, massive co-dependancy, multiple personality disorder, irrational claustrophobia, he's gone through a wide range of mental illnesses, all at varying lengths of time and severity. What works one day may not the next. What some start to wonder is if it isn't a mental problem, and intentional to keep everyone off their guard.

For the story, the most played with, and real for him, is the multiple personalities. Seemingly deterived from his Excaliber surname, they are Arthur, Gwenevere, the Lady and the Dragon. And all of them are slightly different.

Arthur and Gwen are two vocal elements, the ones that do or can act on their own. How they come into control is unknown. Arthur seems to act as the conscience of the body, being the most calm and rational of either Gwen or Jerome. He is old fashioned, often admonishing others for breaks of etiquette. By choice, doctors and orderlies would rather he be in control, as he is well aware of past actions taken by Jerome or Gwen and agrees they belong under watch.

Gwenevere plays the more loony side of things. Much more volitial and prone to aggression, Gwen is extremely jeolous towards anyone Arthur speaks to. While she can be caring and soft, she also suffers the worst of hallucinations and paranoia between the three.

How they play out in Jerome's head is strange, because while they are seperate entities, they can appear (at least to Jerome) as ghostly figures and hold a three-way conversation. But they can just as well not be aware of events that happen to another, unless specifically told. Sometimes Jerome is alone in his head, sometimes he's never alone, and sometimes he not even driving the bus.

The Lady and Dragon seem to act as shoulder angels. They don't appear physically in Jerome like Arthur or Gwen, but neither are they hallucinations. Both are amorphous, detailed more by presense and air than any physical description. Both also seem to be able to know more than they should, and often can give information about others that they should never be able to know. The Lady is the most direct, and can have a calming effect on even Gwenevere. The Dragon never seems to really speak, only appear (and then only to the eyes of Jerome (maybe)) and that alone can spark an episode in Jerome.

The general theory is the Dragon is the reason, or even cause, of Jerome's psychoic break, and may have been the first of the personalites to appear.

I don't really know where the story was going, all I had was a fairly detailed history and outline of the character. I know the story really starts to take place after he escapes his latest facility, but to what aim I have no clue. All I had was a character profile, several faux documents, and a vague idea of what I was doing.

Looking back on it, I was massively in over my head. The subject matter alone needed much, much more research than I had at the time, and I had no idea how much I needed back then. The story itself was much bigger than I thought as well, and probably too much to take on at the time of conception. While I like the character, and the possibilities he opens up, I think this idea is pretty much shelved unless I really have a revelation to what it all is working towards. And even then, to really go at it, I'd need months more of research and whatnot to not insult any and everyone over my lack of medical and mental knowledge.

I'm not even sure what kind of genre this would be, even just to have an idea of where it would go. I like the idea of the Lady and Dragon, they open up the possibilities for a more dark, Lovecraftian path. It couldn't really go The Fugitive thriller route, because he did do the crime, so he's not aiming to clear his name.

Whatever, I'm not going to waste brain power thinking about what I can't do with it. The character is interesting, but with no story it's not going anywhere. Now to put all this word power towards something I do ideas for.
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...except replace "unwell" with "batshit loco".

Psycho, My Own, a story I had almost forgot about. Probably my first ambitious project, it was started way back in 2001-2002, or somewhere there about. I forget what I was thinking, and I'm curious about what I was thinking, because looking through my notes I was trying to take on a lot; and had very little understanding of it all.

I'm getting ahead of myself; all that I'm saving for another idea dump post later on. Here, I'm a gonna share the only scene I ever wrote for the story, everything else being background, character notes and faux-psychological interspective. Strangely, I'm not sure why I didn't prose it out normally, instead I apparently chose to write it in script form. So that's how you get it too.

Read my old shame )

I'd like to think there's still something there to work with. I'd really need to better research mental illness if I wanted to go forward, I know I probably got quite a bit wrong (not to mention terminology). In my defense, I was in highschool when I came up with this, so that excuses at least some of my mistakes... sorta. =_=;


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