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The following provided by [livejournal.com profile] lccorp2. Hurray new friend!

1. What is your Moral Event Horizon for any character, antagonist or protagonist? What pushes a character past redemption in your eyes, denying him, her or it a chance to be painted in a more sympathetic light?

I'm not actually sure, mainly because there is no set "line" in the sand any one character can cross to reach that point. A villain who kills repeated would need a higher bar set than, say, a pious man who has never killed; killing in self defense doesn't count.

Death, or something close to it, though, seems the be the basis of what makes up most of those Horizons. How many or who it is factors in, but most of the time it's the complete lack of disregard given to the victim that makes the monster past the point of repair.

2. Name one generalised setting (urban, ye olde faux-fedualistic Europe, magitek, post-apocalyptic, etc) you like to use, and why. If you have no particular preference, state why.

I have no perference and here's why; that's why!

No, really, one of the reasons I enjoy writing and want to become a writer so much is because I enjoy leaping from genre to genre without feeling the need to say, "I'm a [genre noun] writer." On my plate right now I have the following: epic fantasy, crime noir, crime drama (yes, they're different things), Disneysque fairy tale, children's pirate story, the beginning of a horror, an urban mythology, a spy thriller, a movie script, and a few others. I don't feel the need to stick to just one type of setting, mainly because I get bored with one type quickly. My stories may contain similar themes, and borrowed concepts between them, but no one location is good enough all the time.

3. Which do you think is more important, the end result or the reason why people do things?

I'm gonna go with the reason why. The end result is always in flux, and depending on how or why people do the things they do, what they're aiming for may no longer be attainable. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Just because what will happen may be "good" in the end doesn't forgive you of any atrocities commited in the name of that good. Few people think what they're doing is wrong, and though they acknowledge their acts, it's always for the "greater good", regardless of what those acts are. But that doesn't justify them. At the same time not doing something is often the same as actually doing something, if your non-action results in a conclusion that either you could have helped avoid or somehow come out ahead. Not all the time mind you, but if by not acting something horrible was done, are you better than those that commited the act?

4. Name your worst guilty pleasure, and state your rationalisation for indulging in it.

I'm trying to think of what I consider a guilty pleasure for myself, I feel I'm pretty open about the things I like. Hmm...okay, I got two. One is stupid dance pop music. I don't know why, but I enjoy the hell out of the beats and stupid lyrics and, I don't know, they're just fun for some reason. Venga Boys (you know them as the song the old guy dances to in the Six Flag commericals), Baha Men (Who let the dogs out), Effiel 65 (I'm Blue (Da Bu Dee, Da Bu Die), I can't say why but they and a good handful of current pop artists I have in my iPod.

The second is an anime called Strawberry Marshmellow. I...can't explain this one. Most the anime I have, those I've actually bought, are more action or guy-interest types; I have Black Lagoon, Cowboy, Genshiken, Akira, a few others, but also hidden away is the first DVD of this cutesy little slice-of-life about four fifth graders and one older sister in college and what events are considered important in their everyday lives. There is no rationalisation for owning. Or enjoying it. I just do.

5. Name one mordern convenience you think the world should do without, and state why.

The cellphone. As nice as it is to have, and as much good as it can do to have one, it's probably caused a lot of problems. It's affected people's memories, it used to be you had to actually remember someone's phone number instead of just inserting it once into your phone. While that itself isn't much, with as many gadgets and whatnot being inserted into phones nowadays, we're becoming more reliant on what our phones can do instead of what our own brains can. It's also increased the number of rude assholes out there, who text while having a conversation with a real person, texting instead of having a conversation with a real person, talking in public loudly without regard to others, with earphones making it seem like they're either crazy or rude because it's your fault you thought they were actually talking to you, that's a list that just goes on and on.

Do you remember back in the day when there were no cellphones? Depending on your age, no, you don't. Back when the answering machine was the greatest thing for phones ever, because now you knew if you missed a call? Or actually having to plan things and keep to a schedule, because without some kind of communicating device on your hip or in your pocket, you really only had one shot at meeting people somewhere not at your house, because you couldn't call to say you were late for stupid reasons, or you found a cooler place let's go there instead?
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Seems to be the latest meme, though substantially more thoughtout. Mine were gotten from [livejournal.com profile] limiinal. Comment and I give you five new questions, and so on and so forth.

1. Do you have any recurring themes or concepts in your creative projects? If so, what are they and why?

Not really that I can think of. It helps that I usually don't try to repeat myself, but most of what I'm working on don't have too many overlapping ideas. Those that do tend to be born from the same cloth, so I don't quite count those as they're just the same idea told in different ways.

Actually, I take that back; one theme I find is trying to find your place in the world. Several works-in-progress have the character trying to figure out where they stand, whether it be with what they grew up with or, feeling different from those around them, with others who share the same qualities.

2. What did you hate most about working as a waiter?

...okay, at first I thought that was "writer", but limi does read my journal so now it makes more sense. Also, at no time in the following is my use of the possesive "you" directed at you, it's the royal usage so please don't think I'm pointing fingers.

John Q Public for the most part. Few people know what actually goes on inside a restaurant, and not enough think about what your server has to go through in a day. "Don't you just take orders, bring drinks, and clear tables?" Yes, and it's not that simple. On some level, you have to entertain. The people who enter didn't want to cook for themselves, but still feel that because it's their money, they can act how they want. So I'm forced to put on a happy face, regardless of how my day is going, and crack stupid jokes to keep a light mood. If the food is bad, I'm the go-between, and the rule of "don't take it out on the messenger" isn't kept in mind when they wanted their steak medium-rare with fries and the cook made medium-done with cheese fries. The cook apologizes, but he has five orders of parties of four, and if in the rush either he misread a ticket, or the wrong plate was grabbed, what the fuck do you care your order was just either paid for or reduced, maybe you got a free dessert, shut up I have other tables to deal with.

On top of that, most of the time, your jokes aren't funny. Yes, yes, we've all heard it, ha ha, yes it is just a tiny bit busy, how observant of you. No, really, I can make a "dinner and a show" joke all by myself when I break a glass, thank you. It's not that the attempt to lighten the mood isn't appreciated, it's that coming from you it isn't all that funny. Let us make those corny jokes; it shows we're not going to take it hard and be nervous the rest of the meat around you, and it allows us to break the our own tension. You want to help? A few extra bucks at checkout time would help, most of us live off our tips and state law rarely supports minimum wage for servers.

On top of that, you're not my only table, depending on the time of day I could be juggling anywhere from one to twelve tables, not counting the counter seats or the seasonal outdoor tables. That's somewhere in the range of 60+ people who I need to seat, drink, move to the next, bus, order, send orders to kitchen, restock salads and beverages, re-drink, handle mistakes, bring out your food, bus, clear tables, set tables, print checks, wash, rinse, repeat at the same goddamn time. Jesus I'm glad I got out of that!

3. Is there any book, movie, play, or episode from a show that has or continues to scare you shitless?

Mmmyes and no. I remember being scared a lot when I was younger, which lead to me being a big "where's mom and dad" kid growing up. There was the opening of Nightmare Before Christmas, the opening alone freaked me out the first time I saw it; seeing only the melting faces of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and only that scene without any context did a number on my psychi.

But still to this day?...noooot really. There's the Saw series, but that's more of "ew, god, ew, ew, ew" than scary. There are certain concepts that freak me out, but most of the time it only works once.

4. Which appeals to you more, speculative fiction or literary fiction? Why?

What the Sam Hell is "literary fiction", isn't that just "the fiction of literature"? Let's see here, Wikipedia...speculative...okay, "literary fiction focuses more on style, psychological depth, and character, the plot may or may not be important". Ah hah.

Speculative, hands down. I'd rather be attracted to things that actually make up a story and be snuck up on by the themes and subject matter, instead of reading something where the definition of it is that the writer is trying to write something obviously of worth. You know what that is? It's called "the Great American Novel", and no one ever achieves it. It's the goal of people who get into writing for all the wrong reasons shoot for, because they want their work to "mean something" and "have worth" and mainly talk about something without saying anything. Literary fiction, to my mind, is masturbation with a pen, literary self-gratification.

Speculative fiction may not outright deal with the issues of our day, but they're gonna be damn more entertaining.

5. What is the earliest memory you can remember, and how old were you?

Texas. I was born in Washington state, but I only know that because I know that. I lived in Texas, San Antinio more precisely, sometime after birth until I was five, when we moved back to Washington (my dad was in the Air Force). Right now I can't think of too much in a linear timeline, but I can pick out pieces from back then.

One that I didn't remember until my mom reminded me is probably one the best. Texas, for anyone (actually) reading this might not know, is pretty lightning-pretty in the summer time. Huge electrical storms. Awesome. Anywho, my mom would take me on walks through the neighborhood and to a local football field/park area. She'd do this before a storm would actually come overhead, so I would hear the thunder and, once at the field, could see the lightning in the distance. She'd do this multiple times over the year, mainly depending on if she was home at the time and if she knew the storm was coming. But, alone with the 4th of July, sometimes we'd get Chruch icecream bars, climb to the top of the bleachers, and watch the lightning.

I didn't remember this for a long time, until I mentioned I missed the awesome lightning storms from when we visited relatives in the mid-west. She mentioned she took me on walks so I wouldn't be frightened of the storms, because I guess one of her sisters was scared of thunder storms as a kid. So she brought me up so I wouldn't be. Which is cool, because it gave me a new story idea, Lightning's Child, and also makes me crave the few times thoughtout the year I can just relax in a chair and listen to the rain and all the flash and boom of the storms.


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