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Brought to you by Pants Are Overrated. They should quit the rest and just make Hobbes and Bacon strips forever. Please?
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If there's one thing fans like more than whining about what they want, it's complaining about the things they get.

Normally I don't talk much about comics. I like them, and have a fairly decent collection that's not going to make me rich anytime soon, but when it comes to writing about it's been done many more times over by people with much more time on their hands to dedicate to it and stay more informed. My opinions usually only show themselves if I really like a subject or if I just happen to know a lot of useless fact (which some say is what being a comic nerd is anyway), so I usually stay out of the brew-ha-ha.

This, however, is something I take note of because, a) it's also fashion related, which I like to keep a toe dipped in, b) it's about a TV show adaptation, which are always fun one end of the spectrum or another, and c) fans got what they wanted after stinking up a storm.

Wonder Woman, should you not be in the know, is getting a new live action TV show. This is met by both yays and boos on both sides of all fences, from it being nothing but slumber parties and the Ally McBeal of superheroines to it'll be a superhero game changer and last longer than a second pity-season.

Then the costume came out, and no one had anything good to say (beyond acknowledging they weren't sticking her in a one-piece bathing suit/leotard and did give her leggings). It had heals, it looked cheap, she looked unenthusied, vinyl, plastic, sexy Halloween costume, it didn't hit home with anyone. Even people who had no idea about Wonder Woman could see it was a tacky looking thing.

Well, fans complained loud enough (or at least mentioned that said tackiness was going to muddrag the show to an early cancellation, which will quicker get a higherup to take notice) and got their wish... sorta.

*note* Go see T&Lo for more productions shots

Good news; the pants look better in a darker and less cheap looking fabric, they broke up the color block of "blue" with the red boots, the boots are sensible and lack heels, she's not wearing any blowjob lipstick, and overall the costume does look fairly decent in action shots.

Bad news; still stuck with the shiny red top (which shows how much it really wasn't meant for a lot of movement), the pants now look like they were made of a (still cheap) stretch material, and the plastic pieces still don't quite sell "metal".

Personal observations; maybe it's the makeup and lighting, but is that the same woman? Cause Blue Boots has Zellwigger eyes and wave to her hair, whereas Red Boots has more open/intense eyes (something Zellwigger can never do properly) and slightly lighter and feathered hair; and I know there's a difference between moving and posing, but Blue Boots seems to have signifigantly more *cough* lift than Red does. I hope that girdle-bustier comes supported because ow.

Also, there still something bothering me about how much open upper chest there is, asthecically (moreso in the linked article pic). Seriously, give her a collared necklace or something, she looks like she's a website away from promoting her collarbone as ad-space.

In the end, Wonder Woman is still being made into a TV show, either you're behind that or you're not. Script issues aside (which haven't been confirmed, so until it airs...), woman have typically gotten the shaft (...wow, that's not misogonist imagery at all...) when it comes to air time. What they do get is usually "iconic" but not always "good" in the same sentence. And there's damn few of them, off the top of my head I can think of; Xena (natch), Alias, and Dark Angel. Oh, and Buffy, duh. The original Wonder Woman would be counted, except the new one negates it for this listing. I'd metion Dollhouse, but it's one of those that got a "pity season" it may not have actually deserved.

So even including the non-included, that's what, five shows? Out of how many over how long? Yeah, Shaft City, standing at the corner of Bend-Over and Oh-You're-Still-There?

As a comic fan, I have my own issues I'd like to see changed but no one is ever going to be totally happy unless they themselves have ABSOULTE CONTROL which is never gonna happen, but I still support the show... or at least the idea behind it. I'll give it the Four-Episode window; the pilot to sell me, the next three production episodes to really hook me into deciding to give it any more of my TV time. Until then, it's still up in the air. But at least for now (some of) the fans have been placated.

*Edit* Just for the record, this is what my vote would have gone to.


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