Aug. 25th, 2012 03:47 pm
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At some point, when I post, it's going to be more than just me saying that "I'm back." Because really, the stutter steps between these things are just embarrassing.

So I come bearing gifts this time.

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I've never tried to hide it, I love animation. Movies, TV shows, shorts on the internet, traditional, CGI, stop-motion, anime, love 'em all. While not big, my DVD collection is probably at least half animated features, and smaller portion is animated TV shows.

I don't know why, exactly, but something about them seems more "real" to me in some ways. I love how there are no constrants in terms of what can be done, except by the skill of the or limitations of the animator. While it's always nice to see great special effects in live action films, too often they're held back by their budget in what they can do. Other times, when the film could easily go so much further, it holds itself back for practical or budget reasons. Animation, however, can defy reality ten times over and give us stories and images that might've only been seen in our heads. And style; there are no doubt styles in live action, due to lighting, staging, angles, so on and such. But animation wraps that again and again in it's presentation.

I will now proceed to ramble and get pretty wordy )

Good god, I've become the old man on the porch who starts everything he says with "Back in my day..." But it's true, you little bastards! My cartoons were better! Nyah!


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