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You know what life needs? More kick-ass villain songs.

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I swear, this'll be the last (dedicated) post I do on My Little Pony. I'm sorry, it's just been on my mind since I saw it, and really I'm kind of excited about that. I haven't been this obessed with something in a while, so it's nice to know I still have my geek cred.

Anyway, our minds are strange things. Often, we want to know what we don't know. In that, when we're presented with something, often we want answers to that something. Once, maybe twice, we can just enjoy it without thinking deeply about it, letting it ride out and partaking of the entertainment. But then the ugly rational side rears back and says, "Hey! What about-" and then it's nothing but plot holes, nit picks and looking for answers to questions no one thought about because why would you think that?

As I have been rather My Little Pony focused of late, I've found several things that are of interest to me. Things that only occur to you when you've been thinking about it way too long. Things like:
  • Where are the parents?: Seriously, it's something that's really weird. Because we have siblings; we have grandparents; we have cousins; but where the hell are a pony's mom and dad? Are all ponies just non-commitial breeders, who come together only at the right ordained time to procreate? Such that ponies will only recognize siblings and grand parents, but whose parents bring shame because they're off studding for someone new this month?

  • Naming for the future: Consider this; a pony's name makes them easily identifible. You know their name, you know essentailly the kind of personality you're going to be dealing with. That's a lot of power. What you name the young pony is essentially labeling what they are to become later in life. Because think about it; when you name a young girl Fluttershy, what do you see her becoming? A goth-metal starlet? Rose? What, she'll becoming a taxidermist? What is chosen at birth seems cute, but really, you can decide how and who they'll grow up. And what if there's a popular naming trend that year? What if one year there's a lot of "milk" related names? Are there just going to be a lot of cereal enthusists joing the job market in later years?

  • Cutie marks: Ignoring the cutisee naming convention, why do they seem surprised by what they get? Everyone in Applejack's family has apple marks of some kind; granted some are baked goods, but still, apple related. Apple Bloom is worried and ever-questing to discover something to gain her mark; but her name is Apple Bloom, what you get is probably going to corrilate with apples. And going back to the naming ability, what are you setting yourself up for when you name your kid things like "Diamond Tiara" or "Silver Spoon"? Why would you name them these things, you're almost guranteeing yourself a couple of brats. And their marks are exactly what their name is, so how does work? They have passions for silver spoons and diamond tiaras? Maybe they grow up to be jewelists, I can see what their crafts would be, but still, bratty, bratty names!

  • It's good to be male: It's like wandering into your greatest Amazon fantasy; almost nothing but females. You are a stud; perhaps literally. Given the ratio of female to male, how does this work out exactly? Because you'd figure there's gonna be some fights growing up over rights to go after the guys. Monogamy doesn't seem practical, when by chosing one you abandon another 15 or so others to spinsterhood. This is why I wonder about parents, or the lack there of; if coitus is only for procreation, with the raising of children left to grown silbings of similar pairings or the older and feeble, then that means there are no pony relationships, beyond the magic of friendship and the magic of friendship "with benefits".

  • Pony/world symbosis: The ponies are responible for every aspect of the world they live in; pegasi bring or take the weather away, depending on what is needed or wanted, earth ponies takes care of the animal's needs like homes and food, magic may or may not be used in these applications, so here's what I'm left wondering; if the ponies were to suddenly have to vacate their homes, what would happen? Would the animals die out, having relied on the ponies for so long to bring them their meals, or tell them when it was time to migrate? Would the weather forever be whatever the last thing it was left as, flooded by unrelenting rain or dried bare in a cloudless sky's unmerciful sun? Is the world there to give home and cause to the ponies, or do the ponies make the land what is only by their presense?

  • Purpose in life: So, should there be alcohol or an intoxicant of some kind, does that mean there's a designated town drunk?

  • Never gonna grow up: Princess. Why Princess? A thousand year rule, don't you think she'd be Queen by now? She has the power to raise and lower the sun each day, she is the life bringer to the world. But think further; if she is just a Princess, who is above her? A Queen? A King? Is she the Jesus-Pony, brood of some higher power, brought or left on this earth to teach the mortal ponies the divine ways?

  • Not enough jobs: Okay, every pony has a purpose or passion in life, that they are whimsily named to and given a branding for. While I can understand the need for many farmers, exactly how many dress makers are needed in any one area? How many party planners or mayors? With so many ponies in one area, what happens with the over lap? Because there's a lot of ponies, but it's not exactly a large population area; I doubt the need for a lot of redundant job openings. But then what happens when one finally passes on? Is there a young pony who dreamed of their big break to fill this one position on the outside chance they'd one day be able to prove their stuff, or is there just an empty space left until someone fills it? Like, the world keeping turning (by the power of pony) but there's this little emptyness there that's left until someone grows up with the passion to fill that job?

So yeah, that's what's been on my (immediate) mind. Hopefully I'll find something to take it's place. I've been watching the new G.I. Joe: Renegades show, maybe I'll review that next.
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A full(er) review.

Let's do this.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is the latest animation rendition of the long running Hasbro toyline, My Little Pony. Centering around six individual ponies, the show is focused around teaching it's watchers, an aimed demographic of 4-8 year-old girls, about friendship and honesty and how to basically be a good person, despite faults, misgivings or fears. Developed for televsion by Lauren Faust, produced by Canadian studio, Studio B Productions, it's (as of this writing) currently a little over halfway through its first 26 episode season.

Oh, and it's freaking awesome.

The hard part is explaining exactly why, considering especially that (at least based on Youtube commentary) it has considerable appeal to the 20-something college male. Unironically. Let's see what there's to be.

You know what, screw it. This show is awesome, and you are less awesome for not watching it. OBEY THE CUTENESS! )
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*holds head*

Okay, confession time. When I was a kid, I had a VHS tape that had two cartoons on it; My Little Pony: The Movie and The Chipmunk Adventure. As I loved cartoons, I didn't think much of it, I just watched 'em. And to my credit, the Smooze is a pretty cool non-dangerous villain for kids (and a irritatingly catchy song). But over time I started watching mainly only the Chipmunk half, and even then it was mainly for the songs (okay, one song). And I was pissed when I lost that tape, because it was part of my childhood. Not just the movies, but the tape itself, having those two movie back to back was just what I'd always known of them; I'd never seen either movie on it's own, or ever one television, so I was not happy.

Now, skip ahead to today. I still love cartoons, and I've previously admitted to liking shows I should have no right enjoying because I am so far outside the intended range of what they're aiming for.

But I can't help it.

It's just...


It's just.




I am part of no man society, because my card would be revoked before I even got it )


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