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Ganked from [personal profile] limiinal.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations, no more than one sentence!

Oh jesus, this may take a while.

1. "You're simply the one who didn't die."

2. She nodded in agreement, placing her small hat with it's single black feather in the ribbon band on her head and walked away.

3. Those were the times I'd get ice cream before and after.

4. "That bastard, he told you I was crazy didn't he?"

5. "No, see, I am, but I also am not, but even though I really am I'd like you to not say I am, because bad things happen if you are, which I am, but not, and since I'm not really, but am, they don't."

6. But, anyway, I'm well aware of the ramifications of my actions.

7. How from the legs it would all bloom out from the inside of her thighs and circle around to curl and cup her cheeks.

8. "You will be less than deja vu to them, because they won't even remember if they forgot about you."

9. "You don't get to leave yet, you wait your turn like the rest of us."

10. You get shiny coppers like Arthur O’Hara, who truly (if you believe it) think that the system works, and in their favor no less.

11. She wears wildfire for clothing, and the dancing flames of a campfire as anklets and bracelets.

12. Grey silk whispered in flight as she turned and dropped.

13. The rock sat there, unmoving, but she didn't dare approach it, least it bite her.

14. Feeling your spine twist and snap is the worst part, but you get used to it.

15. Four years of planning, two of fighting, one night of depraved lust, and it was would all worthless if he decided he didn't like the color.

16. The scream was heard throughout the palace.

I could do more, but then I'd just depress myself with how much I have open but unfinished. Not bad depressed, but just irritated-god-why-can't-I-finish-something annoyance.
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23. How long does it usually take you to complete an entire story—from planning to writing to posting (if you post your work)?

You want to know? You and me both.

Okay, not quite true, but I don't entirely count short stories as the ones that I do write aren't planned and work out more as exercises than what I'd consider actually writing. I think the longest short story I wrote took about three days, on and off, with about two hours of planning.

Planning can take- has taken years on some projects. Others I'm coming into months, and others are just days out. Progress, I not has it.

Writing, eh...

Posting, well, I've posted excerpts, and a few early chapters of some things, but (after learning these things from [livejournal.com profile] limiinal and [livejournal.com profile] jkoyanagi) I probably won't post much of what I consider to be actual story material online, at least not without friend-screening. Apparently public posting stories is a bad thing for future publishing ambition; good thing to know.
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For those who don't maybe know, I start a lot of projects; stupidly, because there are many beyond what I can actually focus on at one time. Part of this is because my mind wanders (with tracking chip installed) often and comes up with ideas that are interesting. But because of over work, I have a pretty good collection of story titles, some in use, others needing to be started... and then those that I don't even have anything for, just a title.

So, because I feel like doing more than just letting the 30DoW meme do all the work here, I'm going to list (because lists are fun) those that I have. Enjoy.

- The Blackberry Wall
- Tigress
(alt. Tai-lan, the Tiger Princess)
- In the Wake of Kings
- Amery Lampkin, the Not-Captain
- Lightning's Child
- Little Red Riding Wolf
- Trader Wood
- Kareen
- Lord Crow
- Search of the Silence
- A Noir Story
(working title)
- Pearl Moon
- Whisper
- Stormblades
- The Smoke Dancer
- Psycho, My Own
- Gothic Cross
- T.R.O. (Technotronic Rock Operatic)
- Network
- The Three Little Pimps
(eh, why not, I'll list it)
eeh, there's anther dozen or so titles, but they're from stories that are so old it dips back into when I tried my hand at fanfiction

Yeesh, writing all those out makes it look like I have no drive. And it's not that (I swear), I'd just rather get something down on paper/drive and let it sit instead of letting it fester in my head while I try to work on something else. It helps, sorta, that not all those are whole books, most of what's in the middle are short stories meant to go together in a collection; then again, Tigress and Amery were among that collection, and they went through a creative mitosis of their own to become larger than their part. Bastards.

If anyone has any questions about any of these, let me know.
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To my credit, when I came up with that idea Bruce Almighty hadn't come out yet.

In another installment of Forgotten Idea Theatre, I will expond upon an idea I had for a movie. Why a movie? Well, because that's how it worked out. The characters were based on real people (ie actors... do they count as real people?) and that's just how it went.

This is also one of few times I can easily identify outside sources for inspiration, namely Kevin Smith's Dogma and Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. Both have fun ideas of how God(s)(ess)(es) interact with humans, and I wanted to be like the cool kids.

What it breaks down to is, a normal human guy is roped along by the God of War to visit a bunch of human counterparts to various gods, angels and so on. At the end, he wonders why he was shown them; GoW shrugs, says someone's gotta know, and it's up to him to decide if anything is done at all.

God of War, Mars, the Angel Gabriel, in this case looks like a black chick with dreadlocks. She can tap dance on a car without setting of the alarm, and at the snap of her fingers start a bar fight.

Part of the point of this piece of work is a loose idea I have of religion, which is everyone is right, they just see it differently, which is why GoW has so many following names. Everything is tied together, it just that each culture sees things in different ways, so how they come about to whatever it is they do is dependent on them.

Looking at it from the advantage of time, there's not a lot stringing the whole plot together, it's really just a bunch of meet and greets with no real overall sense of purpose, beyond showing what all these gods do nowadays. But I like them so much!

Aphrodite, I picture played by Kathy Kinney, the woman who played Mimi Bobeck on The Drew Carey Show. She runs a whorehouse. And is cranky as hell about how the perspective of beauty has changed from back in the day. Being the Goddess of Love, one of the things she can do is look at a person and know everything about their sexual life; their kinks, how many times they've had sex, what their sexual organs look like, and usually uses it to make others uncomfortable because she finds it funny.

Satan is played by Ian McKellen. Why, I don't know; maybe because I have the Devil be gay, and the first thing our human-person sees is him kissing his younger boyfriend good bye. *shrug* It's the way it went. Here is where the Sandman has it's most obvious affect, in that Lucifer isn't a bad guy, he's just the guy stuck with the job of watching over all the people who decide to go to hell. It's not his choice (...all the time), they make the decision themselves that they believe they need to suffer torment for whatever precived sins they have. He's simply the landlord, not the ringmaster.

He meets a few others, I have notes on it somewhere around here, but that's the jist of the whole thing. Playing on the perception of what that god(dess) is really like, how they interact with the real world, and so on. Jesus, as the title mentions, is a older black gentlemen who spends his time playing chess in the park. And it's like his fifteenth time back on Earth. This was one idea I wanted to play with, that Jesus, forever prophesied to some day make his return, actually has several times over, we've just been too stupid to realize it. Sometimes it's as historical figures of note, sometimes it's just as some guy.

I forget what the whole point of this was; maybe it was just an overblown idea that had headshots attached. It needs more than just, "Hey, lets go to [x] place and see [x] person!" Maybe I'll come back to it someday.

Ooh, God, I forgot about the big G. He's....she's....well, really, s/he's whatever s/he wants to be. Literally, I remember one final scene where War sits on a park bench, watching as our squishy human walks away, and starts talking to herself; then we pan to the person sitting next to her. There is no headshot of God, because throughout the entire conversation, God turns from one person to another; a business woman, a teenager, a littel girl, a Yankee's fan, a priest, all within a five-or-so minute chat. God apparently has the attention span of a hummingbird on a sugar rush. Who knew.


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