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Well crap, I still need to figure out what exactly it is I'm doing for NaNo. Not that I don't have more than enough choices, and several of which have enough aether around them to go forward with not much more. But diving into a project without a plot skeleton (ooh, Halloween pun) is always what's been a downfall of mine.

At some point today I may be a Halloweenee and marthathon The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monster House, maaaaaybe Underworld, and most likely How to Train Your Dragon for the tenth time since I bought it. A week ago. That number does not include commentary or the one time I watched it with narration for the seeing impared.

I love this movie. It's not totally perfect, but complaining about it is like being made you got a 95% instead of a 100%. There are three scenes with music cues that every time, whether I'm totally paying attention or not, still get me excited.

Hmm, maybe Scarred. That seems like a story that could handle not being totally plotted out. And would allow for me to be evil. Heh hehe.

Have you had your Monte Cristo today?

Since I talked about my webcomic idea, I've been archive binging on Questionable Content. It's not really helping me not think about 6o and the various different story arcs I had wanted to do. Like when Aaron (not his final name) dressed like a pirate when some kids came into the diner (because he just happened to have a pirate hat and eyepatch at work), and through them got himself a date; or when the monitor and CD system fried out on karaoke night, and a few people decide to a cappela their songs instead; or when the house cast decide to ride the metro rail from one end to the other on the longest line and go a little insane; the writer's hallucinations when trying to write; the cat who no one can remember adopting.

It's gonna kinda be a boring Halloween for me this year. I still don't know many people in the area, so I don't know about any would-be parties, my roommate works (nights, at a bar, on Halloween; I don't envy him), and even if I went downtown, I have no costume and I don't trust anyplace that is throwing a party to not be charging a cover, because I couldn't afford it.
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Because it's what's been rolling around, and because the art on these people (while a little squicky) is beautiful, I've been going over scarification, tattoos and whatnot for work on Scarred. And from it all I've gleaned one important thing.

I'm an idiot.

Almost everything I thought I knew about scarification is either wrong, misformed (so still wrong), or not the whole story. For one, it's a lot more widespread than I originally thought, though my information was based on a tv show I watched six years ago so I'm an idiot for trusting that outdated notion. Also, larger art can still be done in a single day so my time frame for things is either pathetically slow or I'll need to change the time tables around to match what the story calls for. There's also a lot of aftercare stuff I didn't think about - well, not totally true, but there's a lot I didn't know about making sure the scar heals "correctly" or the type of enviroments it takes to get the most out of the process.

Another thing that's really gonna affect the story is I think there's a lot more sexual influence than I thought there's even going to be. It wasn't until after the short story was wrote that I even thought that Jani would grow to like it, but after a little communication with [personal profile] limiinal and how people can and have actually gotten off from the experience, I think there's a lot more subtext going on with Ryan, Jani, and between the two of them that's going to expand and influence the story.

Ryan is still creepy, that's not going anywhere. But he's not, and never has been, "evil". Jani is still afraid for her life, but while she comes to terms and embraces the scars, I think she loses a small bit of sanity herself, with a good portion of Stockholm syndrome thrown in as well.

Regardless, there's a lot of planning and research I need to do to make sure this would all logically work. While I like the somewhat gritty feeling from the short story, giving it that much more sense of despair from the situation she has no control over, for as many women as Ryan has most likely done this too, he comes off as not prepared enough. He isn't some serial killer, who doesn't need to keep his torture champer clean because they're going to die anyway, he's in a disturbing way just trying to create art.

And (and limiinal already mentioned it) I need to change how he proceeds with the scarification. Watching videos, it's an exacting process, and how he has her set up is in no way conductive to clean lines or safe proceedure, two things Ryan would be all about.

This whole thing also really makes me wish I was better at figure drawing, because sketching out graphic designs in no way shows how they'd appear on a human body.

There's a lot more to this story than I thought there was. And it's going in strange directions that, while I'm not uncomfortable dealing with or writing about, I'm not sure I have the skill to effectively tie it all together in a way that's a) not insulting to the bodmod comminuity and b) evokes the right spectrum of emotion for the varied mental and physical development that occurs.


Oct. 1st, 2010 11:11 pm
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Once again, forces beyond my control (ie, my brain) decided that a short story I wrote at oh-god-thirty last night needs to be expanded upon. Roll back the curtains, get in line, and don't touch the guy in front of you, this is Scarred.

Talky talky, pretty pictures, talky )

And now, links.

~Wikipedia's say on Scarification.

~A body mod blog page, with the catagory of scars prominant.

~A long gallery of scar tattoos. Warning, the first couple photos are not for the squimish.


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