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I dug this out of the depths of my flashdrive. The date is still on the word.doc 3-10-99. Wow. waitasecond, that was eighth grade for me, what happened there?

I forget what exactly the project was originally, I want to say we had to create our own, wait! that was it! the assignment was to create our own island, draw it out as well, and map out all the features. What I have here is the extra credit part, where you were to create the culture and people.

What I did with the first part was instead of a single island, I created an archipeligo. Thirteen islands, with four peoples and desperate cultures, and intersecting mythology. I was an ambishish child, which often got me into trouble come time to actually finish assignments.

Speaking of which, I never finished the extra credit work (I also lost the map). Don't remember why, but what's there is what I did do. Right as things were about to be thrown down too. Hell, I stopped midsentence, so that just shows how much I really into finishing it. Ah well, I cringe at seeing what I used to be, but still see hints of the style that would stay with me.

Rereading through it, I apparently was big on names. Because I made up as many I could apparently (but for some reason though "celtic" would fit right in). And used every one. Lots of info dumping at the beginning. Kinda makes me want to go back and rework everything. And the actual legend story at the end is something I'm keeping and want to rework into something better. The ideas are still decent... but this is just... I shake and hang my head in embarrassed shame.

Kareen: where, with all the other names I had made up, at some point I thought Tanto was a good name for a island native and not at all racist )

Oh the suspense, it pulls at me so.


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