Feb. 23rd, 2012

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No, I didn't forget =.=;

[personal profile] limiinal should recognize this


3) Write a query letter for a fantasy

Dear Most Awesomeist Agent Who Can Get Me the Bestest of Deals,

The midwest is a mostly flat and corn-filled land, and thirteen year-old Dustin fears a future of boredom and corn on the family farm. His life to this point has been monotonous, nothing ever happening out of sync, and the beginning of summer doesn't show any promise of anything better to come.

So when the farm is attacked by raiding pirates, it came as quite the shock.

Before he knows it, he's suddenly part of the crew of the wandering Corn Husker, having to work his stoleaway/kidnapped self to make up for being another mouth to feed. Or be used as snake bait, whichever he chooses. So it's not his fault that now he has worries like locust storms, corn snakes as large as the ship itself, kite-hang-gliding laundry drying, rival patchwork crews of the Fall-nado or the Squashbuckler, deserted barnhouse islands, and the captain's obsession with the Golden Field and it's prize treasure, the Apple of My Eye.

He'll earn his keep, as well as passage back home... you know, eventually.

First he wants to see the violin-cricket concerts; and the highrise communties built onto and up the sides of giant wind turbines; not to mention the Golden Field, now that they finally have a heading.

Besides; laundry duty isn't that bad, and he almost has the hang of the kite flying part of it.

PIRATES OF THE CORNFIELD OCEANS is a Miyazaki-inspired illustration filled fantasy of roughly 20,000 words. Illustration work done by *insert name of awesome artist person*.

Thank you for your consideration.

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