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Slowly now the madness will begin to creep into my thoughts. Drowning my vision in its own ideal of reality, such that what I once called my own is no more. Filled to the brim with the haunted call of unself, I will cease to any longer care how it ends. Only that it will inevitably end is my sole assurance. But even now that single truth may soon no longer keep.

The ghost would soon come.

I stand before my sentencer, his tome of law and age holding within my judgment. He waits for the other, that whom will forever keep watch over my movement and leanings to their satisfaction. A white phantom lingering behind my ears to whisper forever nothings. Bound by arcane ways and rites not my own, twisted metal evermore showing my enslavement.

The two families watch, their endless struggle over meaningless power halted only temporarily. Even the damned enjoyed a good hanging. Eyes that shown little more than black rock to me stared back, waiting. Soon. Just moments more, and another entraptee would be gathered into the fold. Welcomed to that fate which I would rapidly share. Some wore imitations of my attirement, seemingly to both mock and pity us together in some macabre brotherhood. But mine was far more expensive, in all monetary and pious needs, separating myself from all others so that I alone would endure the coming trials.

The ghost would soon come.

Our seconds waited, shifting and swaying from each weighted leg and back again. Thirds and fourths too showed their unease, aleved only by the knowledge they were not alone in their ordeal. Their service was that freely involuntarily given, false joy spoken as to delay their own condemnation only instants longer. More so than my disturbed audience, they bore the styled remnants that openly twisted and derided the dawning farce. Positioned higher in some artificial ranking, closer to bear witness to that which someday they too may be judged to bear.

The ghost comes.

Unspoken yet signaled, they rose, together a mass of black and silks. Eerie tones began their climb, the beginning of the ensnaring ritual. The portal that lay at the end of my long walk opened, my binding to be shown to the world. Pale wisps darted as the form slowly raced towards me, daring those that lined the conduit to touch. But to do so was a fool’s path, more so than all others. One which I had already been elected to walk. Two trailed behind the white, eyes downcast as to not be swept away should one catch a glimpse beneath the curtain mask. Theirs was to keep to the physical plane my creature, until such time that it would mine alone a task to keep sated. Only moments more, and they would be freed. Moments more, and I would be sentenced.

The shade of pallid moon glow drifted to my side, silent as all others. The haunting pitched tenor faded, their part in farce of ceremony and circumstance ended. Our steward bade seat the families, least they become any more uncomfortable than needed for the following uncomforting law. Tears already ran down those of lesser strength, their soft sniveling wails alone filling the noiseless hall. Balding eyes searched us, the bound and the binding, and found us to be to his morbid satisfaction. His ancient digest opened to the previously marked folio within, fattened fingers scanning for his place among it all and found the cord that would end my fate.

His mouth gaped open, a rumbling and stilted say carrying over the captive faces after first washing over me and mine.

“We joyously gather here today to see wed these two loving persons in holy matrimony…”

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